Visiting WPC

  • Our Sunday School is from 9:30-10:30.
  • Worship begins at 11:00.
  • Please click HERE for directions.

Westminster Presbyterian Church invites you to join us on Sunday, as we engage in our first and primary ministry, our worship of God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you are familiar with our style of worship, or it will be a new experience, we trust that you will be edified, and God will be praised! Most people are able to catch on soon enough. If you have any questions about our church, or about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the pastor, elders or deacons would be happy to help you find answers. 

What to expect in our service: 

We strive to offer worship that God will be pleased with: true and honest, from the heart, with the whole being, and according to His will as expressed in the Bible. Our prayers, hymns, and preaching all seek to reflect Biblical expression and thought. 

There may be a few things that are new to you in a worship service.

The use of the body in worship. 

Because we are whole people with bodies as well as souls, we use our bodies in worship, as the Bible commands. At various times, we will stand, sit, and raise our hands. These practices are found in Scripture itself: we raise our hands to look to God for help and to bless God (Ps. 28:2, 63:3); we stand to hear the Word out of reverence for God (Neh. 8:5).

The Lord's Supper

The Sacrament of communion is a rite of fellowship between Christ and His people. We invite all who have been initiated into the family of God by baptism, and admitted to table fellowship by the leadership of this or some other church, to join in the communion service by faith. If you are unbaptized, or not a church member, please speak with the pastor or elders before the service if you would like to come to join in the Holy Supper. 

Liturgical response

Please note that when the congregation is to read, the type will be boldfaced and indented

The Lord be with you! [Leader]
        And also with you! [Congregation]


You will notice many children in our service today. Jesus welcomed little children to Himself, and so we welcome them in our worship service so they can worship Jesus too! It's plain to observe that children naturally love those whom their parents love, and so the best way to help children grow in their love for the Lord Jesus is to have families worship together. 

We understand that this means baby noises and wiggly children, and we're fine with that. If your child is extra-fussy or needs a little time to quiet down, we have a mother's nursery in the back room. We realize that having children in a worship service is unusual for many people, so please don't feel self-conscious. Even those of us who are used to having kids in worship have days when the little ones can't settle down. We would be happy to offer you help and encouragement, so please don't be afraid to ask for help! We have some young ladies available who could sit with you if you need some help with your kids or babies.