Christ Alone

As a Christian church in the Reformed tradition, we look to Jesus Christ alone for salvation from sin. We do not approach God because we have been holy or good. God has approached us in Jesus Christ because He loves the lost. 

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The Word of God

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If we tried to build a house on a foundation of sand, it would crumble in the first rainstorm. Thankfully, God has spoken in the Bible. We seek to build our lives, and base our decisions in the church, on the Word of God. Jesus says that in doing so, we are like a man building a house on a foundation of rock. (Matt. 7:24-27)

While we don't do this perfectly, it is our hope and prayer to be Biblically minded in everything we do.

The Holy Bible

Interactive Worship

Our worship on Sunday morning is not a concert or a show. It is the time in the week that God has promised to meet his people in a unique way, when they are gathered together for His sake. 

You can expect to stand, sit, raise your hands, sing, recite, and read together. 

Like most things in life, the greatest joy we have in any experience is one we put energy into. We find great joy and freedom in the structure of our liturgy, all of which is developed from the Bible. 

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